McAfee Mobile security- Provide Total Security To Your Phone From All Cyber Threats

With daily evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities, we are aware of the fact that we aren’t safe anymore while using computing devices. But it isn’t a problem which can’t be fixed, although it’s totally true that in past some years cyber threats have almost doubled and hackers always finds new ways to break into our security but if you have an effective Security installed on your device, you can avoid being victimized.

In today’s time, our only soul mate is our mobile devices, kind of sounds weird but we all know it’s true. We are totally reliable on our mobile phones for almost everything and we can’t bear to risk it. McAfee Mobile Security can keep you safe from those numerous threats and vulnerabilities waiting to break into your security and damage your device. Installing McAfee Mobile Antivirus Security on your mobile phone will not only prevent you from dangerous threats but will also improve your mobile life and performance. With its optimum features and tools such as Security Scan, App Protection, Call & SMS Filter, Backup, Restore & Wipe, Web Protection and Lock Device, we believe there’s no way a single virus can slip into your device.

Download, Install and Activate McAfee Mobile Security

It is totally easy to download McAfee Mobile Security on Android and iPhone or iPad. Then you can activate your Security following the on screen prompt effortlessly and can activate McAfee Internet Security or any other McAfee product of your choice to ensure maximum security of your mobile phone. To activate your Security you will need to log in to your McAfee Account from your desktop browser and then sign in to dashboard to add your Smartphone or tablet. After that under “Add a Device” and select “Send Link” and choose the product which you want use. Now select “McAfee Live Safe- Mobile Security and tap Next. You’ve successfully activated Mobile security and can install it on your mobile using the link.

Your Mobile Is Totally Safe In McAfee Hands

Once you’ve installed the McAfee Mobile Security, you can choose according to your need which product you want to subscribe, choose from wide variety of security solution available and enjoy using your mobile worry free. If you don’t have any product license or don’t want to upgrade to premium security, you can also use McAfee free Antivirus Mobile for Android Device. Some basic features of McAfee Mobile Security are as follows:

  • Enhanced Antivirus: Give you total protection against all common and dangerous viruses, spyware and malicious websites. Stay surfing on internet, social media and shop online with no worries, McAfee is here to guard. If you surf or shop a lot online, it’s suggested to go for McAfee Mobile Internet Security which will ensure your security from all sort of online threats and protects you from dangerous phishing attacks.
  • The exclusive Anti-theft feature which will help you to locate, track or send screaming alarm using McAfee website. You can also wipe out all the data from your device remotely in case if your mobile get misplaced to prevent misuse of your personal and sensitive data.
  • The CaptureCam feature takes the snapshot of the person using your lost device to catch the culprit.
  • The optimum Battery Optimizer feature improves the performance of the battery and ultimately your mobile life. McAfee Mobile Antivirus for Android is also compatible with Android wear device to find a lost phone.